ArtChain Global is a revolution in tracking, protection and accountability for artwork. Based on open, extendable blockchain technology, the ArtChain Global platform synchronizes digital and offline assets for anyone involved in trading, collecting or producing works of art.

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ArtChain Global’s Roadshow Kicked into Gear with a Successful Start in Shanghai on the 4th of May. A Short Except from the Presentation

ArtChain Global’s Roadshow Kicked into Gear with a Successful Start in Shanghai on the 4th of May. A Short Except from the Presentation

This fantastic event was held in Lujiazui, Shanghai in the International Finance Center.

ArtChain Global is an Australian based blockchain project (ACG) which is transforming the art world with its application of the technology.

ACG was exhibited along with three other blockchain projects to a short listed investor group of 30 representing private and institutional investors.

ArtChain Global’s COO Cameron Macqueen drew prolonged applause from the audience, the message that ACG is here to deliver with a real world application struck a chord with many.

There were a number of well known attendees from the investment circles of China including the Chairman of Max Capital, the founder of Gama Capital. There was plenty to discuss and the ACG team were involved in discussions long after the event.

Cameron explained the current status of the rapidly developing blockchain industry, the progress of ACG’s project, core technologies and applications. His good sense of humor made light work of a technically challenging discussion.

Cameron mentioned:“The art industry has always suffered similar problems without any light at the end of the tunnel. The lack of transparency in price, fakes, fraud and stolen artworks are only too common in the market.”

Today, we have a new platform emerging that will not only solve all of these problems, it will go much further; allowing the registration and tracking of artworks, trading through a P2P exchange, integration with galleries and auction houses along with the core functions of blockchain – maintaining the historical ownership records (provenance) of each piece of art which is where the core value of art is held. The aim is adding ‘trust’ to the world of art and this in itself will drive traffic and interest to levels unseen in the past.

During the event Cameron and other members of the ACG team answered numerous questions about the project with some investors looking for a deep understanding at a technical level.

The consensus was that ACG is regarded as a promising project due to the real world application of the technology in a market looking for help, the team which has been assembled including Swinburne University and the business model itself. ACG’s token distribution puts a lot of focus on rewarding contributors and ecosystem participants.

The ACG Project has caused a ripple effect both at home in Australia and abroad. Following the official launch at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne on 5th April ACG has attracted significant media attention from different perspectives. Of note is the interest from the digital currency investment community – looking more so now to real world operational concepts and strong business backgrounds from start ups.

Recently Martin’s Hacks, a leading YouTube blockchain review channel gave their thoughts on ACG. The report garnered over 5,000 views in the first two days online.

Also in April, Australian radio station ‘Talking Lifestyle Radio’ invited Cameron Macqueen COO of ArtChain Global to discuss some of the benefits ACG brings to the world and how blockchain adds ‘trust’ to art.

A technical team is at the forefront of importance for blockchain development. ACG announced their partnership with Swinburne University at the official launch on 5th of April and the establishment of a co branded ‘blockchain laboratory’.

The event came to a conclusion after dinner later that evening. A great start for the ACG roadshow and a solid foundation upon which to build momentum.

The ACG international roadshow is currently being finalised. On this list are Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. An event in South Korea is also being considered.

Participate in the exchange conference of personal and agencies(All names are arranged in random order).

Max Capital       Chairman                        Li Jun

OSC                       Co-founder /investor    Hu Feifan

IBC Capital              Founder                        Yang Yang

Huashan Capital       Founder                  Chen Yu

West Summit Captial  Founder

Gamma Capital          Founder                  Dan Wang

Young Capital             Founding Partner   Dr. Wang Dongzhe

PreAngel                Partner                   Liu Qing

Global Blockchain Alliance     Partners             Liu Caihong

C Investment            Director                  Wen Yubing

Hong Feng Venture   Partner              Li Xie


Qigoal  Capital          Partners             Wang Qingshui

Meeting with Business Management    Partner         Li Bin


BMB / 23seed

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