ArtChain Global is a revolution in tracking, protection and accountability for artwork. Based on open, extendable blockchain technology, the ArtChain Global platform synchronizes digital and offline assets for anyone involved in trading, collecting or producing works of art.

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ArtChain Global’s Interview with ArtMarketGuru

ArtChain Global’s Interview with ArtMarketGuru

At the recent interview with ArtMarketGuru, our CEO, Kay Sprague and COO, Cameron Macqueen shared how ArtChain Global works using the latest blockchain, IoT and artificial intelligence technology. Sprague suggested that many groups within the art ecosystem will benefit from using ArtChain Global, from artists to art collectors, investors, art houses, galleries and museums located around the world.

ArtChain Global aims to deliver a solution that make art accessible to the more people, create more trust within the art industry to generate more art value and liquidity in the market. “The sky is the limit. This will support growth in the market, better support artists financially and encourage artists to continue their passion.” said Sprague.

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