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On the evening of May 8, 2018, the ArtChain Global (ACG) roadshow blockchain project was held at the Blockchain Center, which is a community and knowledge hub for blockchain enthusiasts in Australia.

Blockchain Center is a community and knowledge hub for blockchain startups in Australia, with over 2,000 people in this association, and is also Australia’s largest community of blockchain technology entrepreneurs, experts, mentors and investors. ArtChain Global’s roadshow received vigorous support from Blockchain Centre in Melbourne.

The road show proved to be overwhelmingly popular. Participants interested in ACG Art’s Global Project packed the meeting site. Since the launch of the ACG Art Global Project, it has received acute attention and discussion from the blockchain community and the art world. At the same time, the event also used a live global broadcast, coupled with the live audience participation, a total of more than 500 people participated in the ACG Art Global Roadshow.

ACG would like to extend our appreciation to everyone for their support.  Before the roadshow officially began, participants registered their own information to receive a reward from ACG. As a thank you gesture every attendee will receive 200 ACG tokens to their digital wallet.

At 6:30 in the evening, roadshow activities officially began. The roadshow was fortunate to have invited Sphinx Cheung, a Chinese lady, whom hosted the event in 2016. Sphinx introduced the participants to the ACG Project and the project’s attendees. Kay Sprague, CEO of ACG, also attended the road show.

Ms. Sprague is an experienced senior financial industry executive with 30 years’ experience. Kay served as Director and Managing Director at Citigroup and Citigroup Asset Management and Director and Vice President for JP Morgan Asset Management. Her roles included the Head of Global Funds Services, Head of Hedge Fund Services Asia, Head of Investment Administration Services and Chief Operating Officer for Investment Management.

Fang Yuan, one of the founders of ArtChain Global, was the keynote speaker who introduced the ACG Project to attendees.  The theme of roadshow was “Art for people”, and Yuan emphasized on the original intention of the ACG Project and the immeasurable value of this project to the art world.

He started by discussing individual living habits people posses, and stressed the value of art in each person’s life that at times, may be overlooked. Fang also introduced the current situation of art trade, inspiring us to think about the problems in the art industry. This allowed attendees to gradually understand the significance and practical value of the ACG Project.

Mr. Yuan then elaborated on the artistic ecosystem that the ACG Project will create. This application of blockchain solves many historical problems with the art trade,such as fraud, no authority, copyright, and lack of trust. The ACG Project is a high-performance blockchain solution that is designed to revolutionize the art industry.

Next, Mr. Yuan introduced attendees to the commercial development, timeline, ACG’s coin distribution scheme, and the latest progress of the ACG project.

Mr. Yuan then gave a detailed introduction of the private issue offering to potential investors. The ACG Project has received the attention of investors because of its perfect solution and outstanding team members.

The SmartCompany featured an article on the project, “Combination of Art and Blockchain: Art Global raises $4 million in 48 hours.” (Art on the blockchain: How Artchain Global raise $4 million in 48 hours) The first phase of private issue offering has successfully drawn to a close. We are currently opening our second phase of private issue offering and are extending a 5% bonus for those wanting to take part in this exciting opportunity.

The atmosphere of the scene was warm. Yuan’s speech was in-depth, informative with light-hearted elements. The audience was attentive, with many audience members taking photos and recording videos of Mr. Yang’s speech. Members of the audience could be heard discussing different areas of interest taken from the speech.

In the final question session, the audience actively participated and asked various questions. Ms Sprauge, CEO of ACG Art Global, and Mr. Yuan answered questions from the audience.

After the event, many participants were more interested in ACG projects. Many participants had further exchanges with our team and expressed that they are very optimistic about this project. Comments such as “We hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with ACG Team” were heard. Further to this success, there where participants who decided to invest in ACG tokens on the spot.

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