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ArtChain Global partners with AirWire to send digital currency

ArtChain Global partners with AirWire to send digital currency

ArtChain Global is thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Airwire, making it easier to send and receive crypto currencies using social media. This is of particular benefit for those without any digital currency experience or first time users.

ArtChain Global will reward artists with ArtChain Global Coin – ACG (a new cryptocurrency) for joining in and uploading artwork to the blockchain platform. AirWire, using their patent pending technology makes this as simple as sending or receiving a text message!

AirWire’s platform allows anyone to send and receive cryptocurrency through text, email, QR code, or social media (eg Instagram or Twitter). AirWire automatically populates a wallet for every different cryptocurrency a user receives providing the best on-boarding experience in the industry. AirWire removes the technical barriers and brings mass adoption within reach!

Every time you register an artwork on the ArtChain Global platform you will be rewarded in ACG Coin. So even if you have never owned any cryptocurrency before, the ArtChain Global and AirWire combination shortcuts the learning curve. The more works you register the more coins you earn.


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