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Top 5 Tips On How To Sell Your Art This Christmas

Top 5 Tips On How To Sell Your Art This Christmas

Top 5 Tips On How To Sell Your Art This Christmas

Christmas is just over a month away and as an artist the “Silly Season” is a great way to sell more of your art than usual. If you haven’t started looking at promoting your art for Christmas yet, it’s not too late.

Many people are stumped for ideas when needing to buy Christmas presents for their loved ones. Chocolates, underwear and books are some of the usual suspects under the Christmas tree, but these don’t surprise anyone.

You can help people surprise and delight their family and friends with the gift of your art, but you need to make sure that people know about your art and what a wonderful present it will make. So we have decided to be your Christmas helper and have pulled together the top 5 of tips on how to sell your art this Christmas.

We hope you’ll find these tips useful and have your art bring joy into many homes this Christmas.

Gift cards

Gift cards are a great opportunity for you to make some extra sales in advance of Christmas. People have very particular tastes and it can be rather hard to buy a painting for someone else.

If you haven’t thought of selling gift cards before, there is no better time to do so than just before Christmas. On top of offering people another way to gift art and increase your sales, you have the added benefit that some people will never use their gift card. Often people have the intention to use their gift card, but simply forget about it. This means that you have made extra income, while it didn’t cost you any of your time and effort.

Family portraits and other commissions

Photographers make a lot of money before Christmas because people want to surprise their family with a family portrait or use it as an image on their personalised Christmas card. As an artist you can also make the most out of this by offering to paint family portraits or something else that’s close to someone’s heart, such as a painting of their dog or home they grew up in.


Hold a Christmas sale

Whether you want to offer discounts on your art depends on you. Some artists stay away from this as they see it as devaluing their art. If you want some quick sales though it may be an option to hold a special pre-Christmas sale.

When your art is given as a present for Christmas it will definitely be a big talking point around the family table as it’s quite unusual to get art as a present. This will add to your reputation and potentially lead to others being interested in your art.

You can promote your Christmas sale in a few different ways. If you have a website, make sure to update it to reflect the upcoming sale. You can also send a newsletter to the people who have signed up to receive email updates from you. Alternatively, you can promote your sale on local notice boards, by telling friends and family about it and relying on word of mouth, or by putting flyers in people’s letter boxes.


Exhibit at Christmas markets
There are lots of Christmas markets in the run up to Christmas and people love going to Christmas markets to get in the mood for Christmas. Usually Christmas markets are full of stands that sell Christmas decorations and food, but stands where they sell art are not all that common.

As people visiting a Christmas market are in a buying mindset it’s a great place to exhibit and sell your art. They will be in the Christmas spirit and may find that buying art would make a great present.


Turn your art into a Christmas card
A quirky way of making a few extra dollars is by turning your paintings into Christmas cards. Some people don’t like to buy standard Christmas cards from the store and are always on the lookout for cards that stand out.

While the cards are not likely to bring in a lot of revenue, it is a great way of getting your art noticed by people who may otherwise never have come across your art. Make sure to include details about your artwork, have the link to your website on the back of the card, and any other information that you think is useful for people to know. If you sell your art on an online platform, make sure to include a link to your art on that platform as well.


A great example of an online art gallery that fits in perfectly with the spirit of giving at Christmas is ArtChain Global.

ArtChain Global‘s online art gallery will launch in early 2019. Artists who upload their art will be rewarded and will get more rewards every time they provide more information about their art, such as a description of the painting, influences or what inspired them to paint it. ArtChain Global want to ensure that artists are motivated to engage with potential buyers by providing a lot of information about themselves and their work.

Other than rewarding artists for uploading their art and its corresponding background information, ArtChain Global will also:

  • Market artists and their art to art buyers and collectors all over the world
  • Charge under 9% commission on art sales made on the platform
  • Provide a full transaction history of each artist’s paintings to illuminate fraud and forgery
  • Protect intellectual property and copyright with their world first artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies designed to protect artists’ work from being copied
  • Track and/or pay resale royalties


If you want to stay up to date on ArtChain Global‘s progress and want to upload your art when they launch, why not go to and register your interest to get notified when the platform goes live in February 2019.

What do you think of our Christmas tips? Are there any other tips you can think of?

Bonus: three famous Christmas themed paintings

To get you in the Christmas mood, we’ve collected some of the most famous paintings with a Christmas theme. Enjoy!

Marcel Rieder: Decorating the Christmas Tree

Image courtesy of Wiki Commons


Peter Paul Rubens: Adoration of the Magi

Image courtesy of Wiki Commons


Albert Chevallier Tayler: The Christmas Tree

Image courtesy of Wiki Commons


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